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Posted by Rob Hage on Feb 10, 2017 10:32:41 AM

Breaking:  New tool turns tide for local publishers and retailers on main street America.

Local newspaper publishers all hear the same local retailer complaints: “I need more customers”, “Print doesn’t work anymore”, “I need help bringing in more local shoppers.”   

Rob Hage, CEO of AutoConX Systems and his team have listened, and with coupon technology partner KooponIt, have created…a powerful all-in-one, multi-channel marketing tool and network for small businesses.


Built with the AutoConX Marketplaces platform, Keep It Local integrates proven advertising mediums into one solution: SMS text marketing, email marketing, real time website posting, social media marketing and print advertising.

Local retailers post and promote their products and services using their mobile-phone.  Each post triggers real-time notifications, real-time posting on local publishers’ sites and automatic posting in the Keep It Local network. Shoppers, receive real-time coupons and event notifications via web, email, or text messages. Proprietary SEO dominates local search for products and services.


Keep It Local supercharges local media’s digital assets and makes print advertising more effective and measurable with built in reverse publishing tools.  SMB’s track, grow and market in real-time to their local customers in their store and in all of their traditional advertising methods.


The hundreds of existing AutoConX Systems media clients will now be complemented with even more high-energy publishers and resellers who now can also stake their own exclusive territories with this new platform and network.  This unique financial opportunity for new, sustainable revenues demonstrate that AutoConX is 100% committed to the success of local media, local merchants, and local communities in America.


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This platform gives you ready-to-use digital solutions for every business in your market and helps you sell more print advertising! -This is not another add-on platform that ultimately sends more of YOUR revenue to the big search engines or social media sites.






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