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Case Study:, an AutoConX Success Story

Posted by Rob Hage on Aug 11, 2016 2:20:18 PM


Publisher in small town of 18,500 is delivering over 100 engagements per month to his auto dealers

    We often hear of publishers who are having success in their local market with the AutoConX platform. Every now and then we hear extraordinary stories from publishers using our platform, making a huge impact with their local automotive dealers and audience, and generating new revenueas a result. This is one such story and one of the best success stories we have seen to date. Just look at these numbers! (These are lead results for April 1 - July 12, 2016) ... 


      Buckley Newspapers publish Impact in the Pine Belt of Mississippi and what an impact they are making - right out of the gate!  - It may surprise you that they had only just launched on April 1 of this year.

     There is no secret to their success... no magic bullet, but rather a recipe of following these best business practices – albeit with a notable twist, which we will share here too...oh and by the way, they've generated thousands of dollars in new revenue from new and existing auto dealer customers!


How did this publisher do it? 

  1. Prominent promotion of the auto vertical in Publication.
  2. Prominent promotion of the auto vertical on Website.
  3. Auto "Showcase" display ads, paired with tracked phone #'s, SMS codes and their website.
  4. Every dealer classified liner-ad also contains tracked phone #, SMS code and URL. 
  5. SMS ‘Dash Tags’ in vehicles – (this caught our attention)

About the Publisher:

  • Publications: Impact – Weekly
  • Circulation: +110,000
  • Primary Website: Impact360.MS
  • Auto Vertical Website:
  • Dealers served in market: 15 at time of study, 18 to date, and growing.

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1. Prominent promotion in Publication.

We have the template of success ready for you!


2. Prominent promotion on Website.

Learn directly from a successful publisher like this, what he is doing and where he is going with this.


3. Auto Showcase display ads, paired with SMS web codes.

We will help you create your own templates, or you can even hire AutoConX to produce ads for you.


4. Every dealer classified liner ad also contains a tracked phone#, SMS code and URL.

We made it simple for shoppers to reach out.

5. SMS ‘Dash Tags’ in vehicles...A new twist on an old(er) technology.

The focus is becoming 'Real-Time' shopper engagement. 


      We have always known that Joe Mathes, a veteran re-seller of the AutoConX platform and owner of Delta Digital Strategies, had developed dash tags with his network long ago, but we just had never seen it work so well before. - Even Joe commented for this blog interview that he thinks "the world is finally catching up to SMS", as he is seeing leads continue to grow from SMS.  Automotive dealers are hungry for anything mobile,” Mathes says. “Over 50% of car searches were performed on mobile devices last year. When we go into a market to sell the AutoConX platform for publisher clients, one of our major focuses in on SMS. The dealer text marketing program we present is often the key in selling a dealer who may not want to add another auto search site.” Zach Buckley at Impact also reminded us that though mobile SMS dash tags make a huge impact, we should not underestimate the power of print continuing to drive the majority of leads.  


Part 2: The story gets even better...

     Nearly one year ago, we met a company at the Digital Dealer conference in Las Vegas that was developing a software platform to help publishers differentiate their auto dealers' inventory from all other competing automotive websites (there must have been over 100 auto sites out there by then) and they had our attention at "hello." Their company name is and we set out together to change the game for publishers.


We have implemented Five Game Changers.

  1. We’ve super-charged the AutoConX inventory system with coupons.  Now every dealer can create thousands of dollars of coupons for his new and used vehicles.  AutoConX coupons engage 6-10% of shoppers who see dealer coupons. This is 160 times better than industry automotive ad responses, according to NADA.
  2. AutoConX coupons are automatically added to SEO.  Shoppers search for cars posted on your AutoConX platform and your vehicles standout because they have coupons worth thousands of dollars.
  3. We automated and added coupons to our Dash Tag Process in order to make it even better.  Dealers now can print tags of their entire inventory with the single click of a button, and with ongoing updating just as easy.
  4. Our new adaptive technology is integrated 100% with mobile.
  5. Real time call center and tech support.

Our Personal Invitation to you...Join with us to turn your dealer offerings into a market Game Changer:

  • Cars listed on AutoConX website are different from all other websites.  Same cars as shoppers see on AutoTrader and Cars but now your local vehicles have big coupon savings.
  • Your dealers will generate more leads.  Leads are what dealers care about.
  • Your dealers using our Dash Tag Process have an entirely new sales method for turning after hours and Sunday shoppers into leads.  No one else in your market has it.
  • Your AutoConX platform is built from the ground up for mobile. 
  • We will help train your reps in how to sell it.

Together, we take back the revenues from Google, AutoTrader and the other giants.  We add dealers and focus on giving your audiences the exclusive deals they can only find from your publication.  You stand out to dealers, retailers, and most importantly to your local audience.





We would love to show you this platform.

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