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AutoConX Vertical pivots on Inbound Marketing | Sharing Best Practices

Posted by Rob Hage on Jul 24, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Today, it is with great anticipation and pleasure that we introduce to you our completely overhauled website at This new website comes with a bold change in marketing philosophy and practices.


Last year, our team of experts made the deliberative decision to raise the bar with regard to marketing, ongoing product education and communication with our clients via our new website as a central hub.

"It became obvious that the practice of just putting out a billboard style website, with its inherent 1-sided conversation, has become old-school. It is a transparent new world, and we are joining the party. We have been sitting on the sideline with regard to real social marketing for years, and now we have the means to monitor and manage it - and then share the results with our clients."

Powered by HubSpot, SalesForce and our own custom website development within our vertical website platform, we are now able to effectively communicate, track and interact with our thousands of customers across multiple channels in a timely, efficient way.

This post is the first of a new series of meaningful communications coming from our team. The very page you are reading was brought to your attention through a methodical email, blog or social media channel. With the power of our new inbound marketing tools, we will be able to share with you which of these channels prove to be the most effective while simultaneously showing you how to use our AutoConX products and services to their fullest potential.

Whether you are a media publisher or a business being served by a media company, we are all in the business of generating leads and converting those leads into more sales. These regular posts will serve your ongoing interests in many valuable ways. Here are just a few:

  • Product Training tool
    • What is new, and how might it be used to maximize your ROI?
  • Industry News Updates
    • What is happening in the vertical space relevant to our industry?
  • Live Case Studies
    • How does AutoConX use these tools to market their brand and vertical website platform?
    • How effective are these tools with their own media titles like Farm Country Trader and Car and Truck Trader?

Whether you are a prospective client or one of our thousands of satisfied customers, we look forward to sharing best practices with you at an unprecedented level of transparency. We hope you'll join us in what is guaranteed to be an interesting ride! To follow along, simply subscribe below or in the sidebar.



Rob Hage (CEO) and the Team of Experts at

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